«Dragonfly» theatre-studio

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Address: USA, NY, Stony Brook

Our theater is already 10 years old - a lot for the theater, where children play. We started as the oldest artist was not and 10 years. It is now the youngest participants of the first performances have left us. We put them together with all the famous fairy tales and grown out of them. We managed to put a few "adult" performances, from whom he received great satisfaction and to help ourselves and our audience, it was clear that all was not in vain. Now in theater, new, very young artists. They are quickly gaining experience, although it is more difficult, because they started from scratch and immediately got into the "serious" productions. Russian children's theater is not easy: it is difficult to find a good play, not so vast an audience, there is no convenient space for rehearsals. Through Theatre Festival in Washington, DC, we meet and have the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people. Come to visit us on our performances! Children need theater!

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